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More Women Getting Vaginal Plastic Surgery

Posted Nov 23 2009 10:01pm

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A new study says that more British women are now getting cosmetic surgery to make their vagina look better. One of the problems, however, is that a woman’s sexual sensitivity and satisfaction may be impaired by the procedure.

One of the most common vaginal plastic surgeries is called labioplasty, which involves trimming the protruding lips of the vagina or labia. According to gynecologist Sarah Creighton and psychologist Lih-Mei Liao of the University College London, the parts that are cut off often have sexually sensitive tissues or nerves. The study also found that women who undergo labioplasty may experience particularly painful childbirth.

Plastic surgeons are taking issue with the research. They say that labioplasty only involves removing a bit of loose flesh to make a good-looking labia. Only poorly performed surgery, they maintain, could result in the results the study found.

Ladies, I have news for you. The average guy doesn’t care what your vagina looks like. We’re just happy to be in the general vicinity of one.

[via: Inquisitr ]

photo credit: trecrowns

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