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Milk for Toddlers – The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

Posted Jan 07 2013 8:11am

Writing these blogs about health and fitness have become very personal to me. It was some three years ago that I was asked to write a small article on the benefits of fasting, and I still keep that article safe with me – to see how far I've come.

At the time when I was interviewed to write for this blog, I was a heavy smoker, drank more than occasionally and laughed when someone suggested I stick to a strict exercise routine.

Little did I know that just three years later, I look far from chubby as I used to, quit drinking completely and am very close to quitting cigarettes. I drink a big glass of milk in the morning (quite ironically), have a vegetable salad and three boiled eggs along with toast – and exercise regularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

It's something that I never cared about. Ever since I took slow, measured steps to make these changes that are difficult to alter once they set in, several benefits have begun to show.

Aren't they obvious, you might ask? Yes.

Yes, of course, it is… and it's no different with the benefits that are rather obvious in the case of  milk for toddlers . And we're not just talking about just breast milk…

Milk for Toddlers – Does it do more Harm than Good?

Is the idea of milk for toddlers a good one?

Of course, certain individual studies have shown that children below the age of 2 should have milk but for those kids above this age, it isn't necessary as green leafy vegetables tend to be far more nutrititious.

However, controversy is raised by doctors when they say that these individual studies must not be taken literally especially since they, quite singularly, link obesity as well as ovarian or prostate cancer to the consumption of dairy products, thanks to the hormones and antibiotics fed to the animals.

And what makes matters worse is the growing number of cases of lactose intolerance

By this time, you must be thinking twice about the benefits of milk. Well, it doesn't take a genius to know that even too much of a good thing isn't always good, and this is true with milk as well.

And so, according to the recommendation of experts, the amount of milk that toddlers can have amounts to 16 to 24 ounces and no more. If this limit is exceeded then there's every likelihood that your child might suffer from anemia or constipation.

(Read this article which is a Q & A session with a doctor which also reveals information as to which milk is the best for your child.)

As for which milk is the best for your children, experts ntoe that breast milk is the obvious choice apart from cow's milk yet it must also be pointed out that nature has created this balanced food for children – and not necessarily for adults, even though the common refrain is to glorify the benefits of milk regardless of age.

So, it isn't necessary for adults to drink milk the way they do for the simple reason that there are other foods that will help you gain the daily necessary nutrition.

In Closing

Do you have any good, bad or ugly experiences when it comes to this practice of milk for toddlers? If so feel, free to share.

If you must know more, read this article which questions the paradigm where it considered why  milk is good for kids .

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