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Milk for Toddlers – How about breast milk ice cream?

Posted Aug 15 2011 8:34am

It's a common thing for toddlers to enjoy a nutritious meal in the form of breast milk yet the idea of breast milk ice cream takes the whole idea too far. Have people lost their minds, honestly?

Unbelievable and absurd… and they've named this dish, Baby Gaga. (It's about time, don't you think… because she can't play any good music anyways.)

I guess it takes all kinds…  and the malignant narcissists (in the proverbial Pied Piper mode – with due credit to Rush) always seem to pull off anything from the bizarre to the insane ever so often.

Seriously, when will begin to grow and spend their time doing something more useful?

(This has got to be another variant of that Peter Pan complex… the obsession to stay young and all that jazz.)

Or maybe the innate desire for women to be as "bovine" as possible…

Is Milk for Toddlers a good idea?

While we're still on the absurdness of breast milk ice cream, the other question is whether the idea of milk for toddlers is a good one.

What? But the following will tell you why sometimes it's a good idea to state the obvious…

Interestingly, in a column for advice, a reader asked the columnist whether it was a good idea to give her husband a bit of breast milk to which the answer was that the mother had to make sure that either the baby or the father doesn't have any communicable diseases.

While it's a common fantasy of the father to want to share, sometimes you have to watch out for these things as a few moments of pleasure can lead to a lot of issues later.

However, it's not just about breast milk (which doctors recommend for newborn babies for at least a year if not for as long as possible) but we're talking about cow's milk.

There have been some rumors about a link between milk and cancer which seems to be all gibberish, and will remain so, as cow's or a mother's milk is known to be one of the most nutritious meals that a baby or even an adult can have, even though the latter would do it to fulfill an erotic fantasy much less seek a balanced meal at that age.

But I digress…

According to experts, the maximum amount of milk that an infant should have is about 16 to 24 ounces per day. If you go past that amount of milk fed to the child, it can lead to constipation and anemia in extreme cases.

At another level altogether, some children just as adults have lactose intolerance and this means that you cannot feed them with breast or the normal milk that you get.

So finding other alternatives is a good idea, and one of them is the lactose-free soy milk powder that you can find easily based on your doctor's recommendations.

On the other hand, if you opt for Smith Dairy's Super Jug , you'll find that not only will your child gets the right type of nutrition as studies have shown that the exposure of UV rays to milk can decrease its nutritional value.

In Closing

Anything's better than Baby Gaga, right? Seriously… don't these people have mouths of their own to feed?

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