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Mid-Life Changes in Men

Posted May 14 2009 4:36pm

"A wise man once said to me, “Men spend their twenties not caring who they are, their thirties becoming who they are, their forties figuring out who they are, and their fifties trying to change who they are.” I guess this is why he bought a Corvette, listened to rap music and wore gold chains in his fifties. He was being philosophical about a mid-life crisis."

From the Middle of Nowhere Land, Minnesota comes Skips Hip Quips. He lists four tips on how to alleviate the male, middle age crisis:

  1. Be cosmopolitan. For example, if you are originally from the country, try to do things that city folk do like exchange niceties on your driveway before work.
  2. Be a rebel. Doing little things like not following directions or manufacturers suggested cooking procedures can do wonders.
  3. Embrace your inner child. He talks about his brother rewatching Bambi with an evil grin. Proceed with caution. [emphasis mine]
  4. Adjust your bran intake. He advocates that every dinner party conclude with the type of vitamins, oils, and fiber substitutes you imbibe.

Any, or all of the above, will slow down the effects of male menopause, he believes.

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