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Mens Movement Response ...

Posted May 14 2009 4:36pm

Mens Movement Response

Manly Geek Speaks

In response to my question, "Is the Men's Movement Dead, Alive or in a Coma?" here's what one reader has to say:

All of these so called men's movements listed are defective at least as they are described. Manhood is a robust full-orbed life that uses all of our gender specific strengths for the good of nation, society and family. Men as they were CREATED to be have a lot to offer. We are strong both physically and emotionally; we are protectors, lovers, leaders, friends, entrepreneurs, fathers, husbands, soldiers, church leaders, scientists, etc. Our job is to be strong, compassionate, wise and gentle toward women who are to be cherished for their wonderful gender specific qualities.

I'm tired of hearing about men who are broken or men who are brutes or men who are thoughtless lummocks. It need not be that way.

I think I'll start my own movement. It'll be called the "Get up off your ass, quit griping and be a manly man" movement.

Thanks for your contribution!

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