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Men Make a Personal Effort in 2013

Posted Jan 01 2013 12:00am

2013 New Year Champagne On the Everyman blog, David writes a lengthy post on making new years’ resolutions. He takes the bite out of “making a promise to yourself” (which only makes us feel bad when we inevitably break that promise) by suggesting simply that you make a personal effort for your own good and the good of “the status of men.”

Here are two suggestions I like:

  1. Take up fine cooking. With the explosion of cooking shows and male celebrity chefs, this could be a great possibility to shine in the kitchen. Impress yourself with new knife skills and cooking beyond the basic BBQ. As a side benefit, every woman will appreciate even your most modest effort. Sad, but true, the bar is set fairly low in this arena, so knock us out with your new found knowledge of food chemistry and wine lore.
  2. Dedicate one day to grandfathering. Most men will admit that they wish they had had more one-on-one time with their father. But modern employment being what it is, most young adult parents still can’t find the time, so this suggestion offers a benefit all the way around. As an older man, you have more patience and time than your younger counterpart and you can offer a different worldview to a generation who hardly sees their grandparents anymore. It doesn’t matter if you’re the biological grandpa; grandfathering is especially valuable to boys who have no father at home.

What do you think? Are you inclined to make a resolution or more likely to follow a suggestion? Please share your comments.

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