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Men: Dance Yourself Healthier

Posted May 31 2009 10:40pm

How many men love to get out and dance? How many have to be dragged out dancing? It seems to me that there are more who need to be dragged than those who go willingly. Is it because dancing isn’t considered a male activity?

If it doesn’t seem a manly enough physical exercise, consider this. Social dancing can

  • Help strengthen your bones and muscles
  • Tone your body
  • Work on improving your balance
  • Increase your stamina
  • Keep your weight in check

But, that’s just social dancing. If you were to get into more active dancing, like the tango or a salsa, you could be exercising more than you thought you ever would.

xchng_tango_2_silhouette Researchers did a study examining the effects of salsa dancing- the results were reported at the annual gathering of the American College of Sports Medicine. The researchers examined dancers before they danced and after. The researchers found that the heart rate of the salsa dancers increased to the point that they could consider salsa dancing as a good cardiovascular work out.

So, the next time your partner says she wants to go dancing, you can always look at it as your exercise time that you get to spend with her.


Image: Stock.xchng

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Post from: Blisstree

Men: Dance Yourself Healthier

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