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Meat Farm Mass Production – Or shall we opt for 'artificial meat'?

Posted Sep 16 2011 8:49am

It's 2011, and after a grueling three years, the "Big Three" have it made a comeback in one piece after a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Yes, we're talking about Chrysler, General Motors and Ford Motor Company of which the latter recovered better in comparison to the other two companies.

Not only did flagging sales ensure that these companies were headed for a disaster but the labor costs involved often caused these companies to lose out in terms of sales as their foreign competitors could afford to offer it at lower prices in the United States.

Of course, desperate times called for desperate measures, and with their new two-tier wage system (read this story in the New York Times), it seems as if Detroit is on its way to complete recovery, and keeping its place as the third largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world behind China and Japan.

And while the Detroit assembly line production lines are back in mass production, the story doesn't seem to be any different in the way farms produce meat, with entirely less-than-palatable results.

Meat Farm Mass Production

There have been several reports that farmers have been treating livestock rather cruelly, and even though I'm not much of a PETA fan, the thumb of rule is that you shouldn't subject animals to hardship that is considered harsh for human beings. For example, don't feed your pet dog what you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole… and people who do really suck, you know.

This cruelty comes in the form of overcrowding the meat farm for greater profitability or even subjecting them to conditions that are considered to be detrimental to livestock.

Yet they're not the only ones to suffer but also the workers who tend to their daily needs, the environment and most of all, the consumers who consume meat without being made aware of the unhealthy practices that are being followed when raising livestock for meat.

The animals are not allowed to move around (which is torturous, if you ask me!) due to the enclosures that they are cooped up in and are fed growth hormones and vitamin supplements to help them grow faster for 'production'.

So why are these animals treated this way?

To make a serious profit, thanks to the ever increasing demand for meat. Not that it should be surprising!

Yet there's another way even though it might not generate that much profits…

Organic Farming

As obvious as it might sound, this type of farming is really how it used to be done in the "early days" until people had to use science to increase 'production levels'. And that too, to the detriment of all involved…

Some farmers are returning to the way meat production was done earlier where animals were allowed to grow up normally until they were ready for consumption and most of all, allowed to move around looking for natural sources of food that facilitated growth.

No chemicals, no fear and more freedom is the name of the game even though it is costlier to rear these animals organically than the conventional method. Yes, there won't be much profit as it will cost the farmer much more but the end result is the finest meat for his or her customers.

Perhaps another reason why you should only purchase meat obtained from organic farming…

In Closing

If you can't deal with that, then opt for an artificial hamburger instead. And as for the 'Big Three', it's business as usual – and why not… it's more jobs for the American people. As for the vegetarians, here's a link to chew on… um, food for thought!

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