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Masturbation – A Guy Thing?!?

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:47pm
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What is it in masturbation that so much guilt, needless fear and anxiety are often attached to it? Masturbation is a common practice especially among adolescents. In fact, even adults masturbate from time to time. Girls and women do it too, although research findings indicate it is more of a guy thing. But who knows, maybe gals are just shy about it. Not discussing it though shrouds it in mystery and lead to a lot of misconceptions.

Masturbation is self-stimulation for sexual pleasure. It may or may not result in orgasm or ejaculation. It is known to be done in some form by children and some continue to do it up to adulthood.

Masturbation is self-limiting. One will stop masturbating if he feels his tensions has been relieved, or if he feels tired after doing it. If someone sometimes prefers masturbation to sexual intercourse, it does not necessarily mean he is strange or sick. However, masturbation may be a symptom of a problem when it is performed compulsively (doing it anytime or anywhere); when one cannot resist doing it to relieve psychological or sexual tension; and when one prefers masturbation to having sexual relationship with others. It is already advisable to seek professional help if one masturbates compulsively.

As in ordinary lovemaking, the only after-effect of masturbation is a feeling of sexual relief and relaxation. It is not known to lead to serious physical or mental illness, or sterility. Neither does it lead to hairy hands, falling hair, mental retardation, abnormal children, etc. These myths may be partly due to centuries of religious and cultural beliefs that view masturbation as sinful, and harmful.

Masturbation will not make a person taller or thinner either. It just so happens that there is usually a spurt of growth among males during adolescence which coincides with the time they practice it.

Masturbation does not also make the penis bigger nor it will make a person better at sex. Being “better” at sex is largely a relative and subjective concept that the only reliable source of this information would probably be one’s sexual partner. Studies, however, have shown that masturbation allows a man to practice controlling his ejaculation.

Now, it is also perfectly alright not to masturbate. No harm is known to happen to people who choose not to do it.

Is masturbation sinful? Well, that’s another story; most religions say it is a sin. The Catholic Church recognizes that the sex drive awakened in adolescence is very powerful and often leads a person to masturbate. However, masturbation is viewed by the Church as wrong use of the sexual organs or an imperfect use of sex, and is therefore considered sinful. The Church holds that masturbation is an activity over which an adolescent should develop control. The desire may be natural, but the act is deliberate and can be controlled.

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