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Masculine Virtues ...

Posted May 14 2009 4:36pm

Masculine Virtues

The purpose of Man-o-pause is to convey the positive images of masculinity. Many men question "what it means to be a man." Over the next few days I will contribute to this quest by listing qualities first described by Lou Owen on the Men Web's community newsgroup.

Part I - Relationship

  • Men teach and learn from others.
  • Men coach and encourage.
  • Men compliment.
  • Men are peacemakers and negotiators.
  • Men mediate, arbitrate and facilitate.
  • Men comfort and nurture.
  • Men enjoy solitude and companionship.
  • Men are good friends.
  • Men can keep a confidence.
  • Men are faithful, sincere and decent.
  • Men take pride in their achievements.
  • Men try to keep their community safe.
  • Men are philanthropic and generous.
  • Men are helpful, kind and thoughtful.
  • Men are compassionate and sympathetic.
  • Men cheer people up when they are down.
  • Men are tender and gentle.
  • Men are loving.
  • Men debate and discuss.
  • Men like fair play.
  • Men like joking with others.
  • Men entertain others.
  • Men protect and rescue others from harm.
  • Men sacrifice themselves for their family.
  • Men sacrifice themselves for the greater good.
  • Men cooperate.
  • Men are good parents.
  • Men lead others.
  • Men are patient.
  • Men are honorable.
  • Men are honest.
  • Men create laws to protect others.
  • Men are tolerant and accepting.
  • Men are good listeners.
  • Men counsel.
  • Men respect themselves and others.
  • Men value all life and appreciate nature.

Imperfect humans though we are, it is the striving toward a virtue that distinguishes a man. If there is a quality or virtue that you currently do not possess, use the "as if" technique. This is a powerful and successful system to achieving personal transformation.

The steps are simple:

Step 1: You mentally focus on what you want to become. One virtue at a time.
Step 2: You imbue that image with feeling. Imagine someone who exhibits that trait and identify with him.
Step 3: You walk away with knowing and certainty in your stride.

Eventually, you become the virtue toward which you strive. This is how I learned patience.

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