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Many Swedish MDs Won’t Do Infant Circs

Posted Jul 25 2009 11:17pm

If you’re in Sweden and you want a doctor to circumcize your infant son, you may have a tough time finding one who will do it.

According to this article, Many Swedish doctors oppose circumcision, up to 2/3 of Swedish doctors won’t do a medically unnecessary circumcision, deeming them barbaric and an assault on a child who was unable to provide consent.

baby boy Circumcision is a very controversial topic. While some religions require circumcision of boys, others don’t, so the choice is left up to the parents. And this is where the angst comes in.

Of course, it doesn’t help if you hear stories about how circumcision is bad and then you hear how circumcision is good. In fact, circumcision is being promoted in some African countries as a way to reduce the rate of HIV infection among men - although it doesn’t affect the rate of infection among women ( Bill Gates’ Donation For Circumcision, Male Circumcision Doesn’t Cut Your HIV Risk ).

How do you feel about it?



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Post from: Blisstree

Many Swedish MDs Won’t Do Infant Circs

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