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Male Urinary Tract Infection – Causes & Symptoms

Posted Dec 14 2011 8:16am

The ideal man goes home early, doesn’t flirt, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t gamble and doesn’t exist. Well, that something I read at a site, and probably, from a man's point-of-view, it would really suck to be that way anyways. Sorry, I just can't imagine a life without some of these "vices'…

Relationships… all the wisdom in the world cannot provide a formula for success, if there is such a state for a relationship. And perhaps that's the beauty of it all!

Yet when the topic shifts to the "wavering will" of a man's penis, then everything goes down the drain because a man's true nature HAS to be changed to the whims of "culture".

Yet there's a limit, as some men cross a line and "disease" serves as a cruel punishment for pretending to be all 'macho' and the proverbial alpha-male of the species, you know.

Of course, there's another trait that surfaces (especially when women aren't around) and that's being just plain dirty, as basic as that is. Some men can really do better.

Sooner or later, you'll find yourself dealing with a condition known as male urinary tract infection

Male Urinary Tract Infection – Causes

Since the human urinary system consists of the ureters, bladder, kidney and the urethra, when any of these organs get infected, it is considered to be a urinary track infection.

What causes the male urinary tract infection is the E. Coli bacteria that grows and infects the urinary bladder and the urethra. If ignored, this infection can spread to the other parts of the body through the bloodstream, and can prove fatal in the long run.

And which brings me to the discussion about men and their habits: there are two reasons why men can obtain the male urinary tract infection, and they are because of an overactive sex life or even the lack of hygiene.

Now this infection is further classified into two types of tract infections and they are cystitis (lower tract infection) and pyelonephritis (upper tract infection).

And so, let's discuss the symptoms involved with both these ailments.

Male Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms

So here is the list of symptoms for both these types of male urinary tract infection:

Type 1: Pyelonephritis (Kidney Infection)
a. Vomiting and Nausea
b. Severe abdominal pain (occasionally)
c. Confusion or mental change
d. Chills with shaking
e. Fatigue
f. High fever (for more than two days)
g. Change in texture and color of skin
h. Foul or strong urine odor
i. Painful urination or the inability to urinate
j. Increase in frequency of urination
k. Nocturia
l. Back pain

Type 2: Cystitis (Urinary Bladder Infection)
a. Flank pain
b. Need to urinate frequently
c. Nocturia
d. Foul or strong urine odor
e. Painful urination (also known as dysuria)
f. Pressure in the lower pelvis
g. Chills
h. Fatigue
i. Fever
j. Vomiting and nausea
k. Pain during sex
l. Confusion or Mental changes
m. Pain in the penis, which is a rare symptom

The treatment of these two types of the male urinary tract infection is a course of antibiotics, and if you do find yourself suffering with these some of these symptoms, it's time to meet a doctor.

In Closing

Yet there's no doubt that men will definitely push their luck, and be punished by their vices…

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