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Male Soccer Player Kicks Differ From Female

Posted Jul 09 2009 4:34pm

Have you ever wondered why certain types of sports injuries happen more in men than in women, even if they’re playing the same sport? The answer may be in how the male and female bodies use their bodies. Male players seem have more movements and activation of the hip flexors of their kicking leg and in their hip abductors of the supporting leg compared to women.

soccer_007 Researchers in New York City used videos to capture the techniques of soccer players (male and female) as they played. The researchers were looking for physical differences between the styles of play and how the muscles were used. What they found was the men moved their hip flexors of their kicking leg more, as well as their hip abductors, the muscles that pull the hips inward.

The press release says:

“We know that female soccer players face a greater risk of ACL injury and patellofemoral problems and male players are more at risk for sports hernia.”

You can read more about the study in this release, Motion analysis helps soccer players get their kicks.

If this is found in soccer, it’s not that far out that there are similar issues with other sports and body movements. More studies are likely, so we’ll see what they come up with.



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Post from: Blisstree

Male Soccer Player Kicks Differ From Female

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