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MAJESTIC Nude Massage Sensation in London.

Posted Jul 22 2010 7:19pm

Have you ever experienced a moment of sensual ecstasy? How did it make you feel? Exhilarated? Luminous? Deeply connected? Intense sexual experiences are one of our greatest sources of pleasure.

 There are various massages is used for various purposes, to help ease pain, tension, assist in recuperation after certain  injuries, used for relaxation, a luxurious and rejuvenating part of a package holiday or part of a day Spa package like  Euro Spas in Germany where they are more relaxed about nudity, men and women typically take steam and sauna baths together, in the nude.

Tantric massage is now enjoying widespread popularity in the western world. The main difference between a conventional and a Sensual Tantric massage is,  conventional massages are used to increase relaxation, circulation etc. while a Sensual Tantric massage tends to increase excitement.

The great thing about Sensual Tantric massage combined with conventual massage is the sensual basis, not only does it  awaken the senses, promote a highly relaxed state, It also opens up the body and mind to receive various sensual sensation.

Therapeutic Tantric/ Sensual massages have gained a lot of attention given the all round excitement it provides, coupled with therapeutic benefits. 

Many couples now understand the grand power that Tantric massages have when they are used as a means of foreplay since these massages can take intimacy to higher levels. People are also using Tantric massage  to explore themselves on a deeper level, encourage their bodies to reach new stages of arousal and excitement, others are using it to control premature ejaculation.

Conventional massages are not always pleasurable - strong hands working out a knot in your back might be a releif, but it's hardly pure sensual pleasure. Sensual Tantric massage is all about pleasure, preparing the body to receive pleasurable sensations and excitement.

The addition of conventional massage to these massages creates sublime relaxation capable of easing tension yet providing remarkable sensual pleasures too.

Though Tantric massages does not include the actual act of penetration they do take the recipient to a high state of arousal. A Tantric massage is a complete experience, how you are touched is most important. Your experience of Therapeutic Sensual Tantric massages will include firm  yet soft touches, feathery caress and measured strokes.

MAJESTIC masseuses tend to be naturists or certainly not shy of showing their bodies, they have a genuine interest in providing pleasurable therapeutic sensations and provide ach recipient male or female, a memorable experience.


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