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Lump on penis please help

Posted by DanteSparda

Today in the morning i saw a lump on the right side of the penis it's about 1,5-2sm and has the same color as the skin and it moves with it as i pull the skin back and forth.It doesn't hurt just a little when i touch it but it didn't produce any kind of liquid.I soaked in hot water to see if it'll get better but it just stays the same size.I'm really scared about what it could be and I'm really shy to talk about it with other people but i just hope it's just some regular lump which will disappear in few days.Also i'm not sexually active and i have never had sex before so could it be caused by masturbation , rubbing or any other contact
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Any lump that tends to move with the skin when the skin is moved is most likely within the skin layer.  The skin on the penis is similar to skin elsewhere in that there are plenty of glands that can occasionally get clogged, leading to a lump.  If it gets infected, it can hurt.  It's very difficult to get a sexually transmitted disease without being sexually active (although different people define sexually active differently - just ask former President Clinton!).  Certainly, a gland can be irritated from masturbation or rubbing.  As long as a moveable lump doesn't hurt, it can be observed for change in size.  As long as it doesn't grow, it can be observed for an even longer period of time.  Any time a lump hurts or grows (or is fixed & matted down such that the skin moves over it), it's a good idea to get medical attention, no matter how shy anyone is.  Good luck!
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