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Lowering Cholesterol Foods

Posted Feb 25 2011 8:19am

Cholesterol. As soon as your doctor tells you that you have to watch these levels, you'll know that either you're pushing your luck when it comes to fun or that you're on the brink of a mid-life crisis. And for some, it's both…

But why should this be a cause for concern?

Well, it's all summed up in just one word: heart disease. And statistics in the recent past have discovered that this is the main reason for death and disability these days, especially in Europe and the United States.

Yet there is so much rubbish that is doing the rounds in terms of rumors that make several grand assumptions when it comes to heart diseases, the biggest one of all being that cholesterol is ALL bad.

And nothing can be further from the truth…

The Distinction between Good and Bad Cholesterol

Since cholesterol is produced by the liver, and is used to generates hormones, Vitamin D, nerve tissue and bile, it can't be ALL bad, right.

But the catch is when there's way too much cholesterol in your body, since you not only obtain cholesterol from your liver as well as from the foods that you eat.

Since cholesterol is stored and carried from the liver to our tissue through the bloodstream by lipoproteins commonly referred to as LDLs and HDLs, of which the first one causes atherosclerosis, while the latter can prevent this condition from taking place.

Atherosclerosis occurs to the fact that the LDLs tend to deposit the cholesterol on the artery walls, and over a period of time, this results in a buildup of plaque in the artery walls, and this is how coronary heart disease happens.

And as the cholesterol produced by the liver is necessary for the body, the excess cholesterol that comes from the food has to be accounted for, just so that one is able to keep these levels under control and thus, prevent the risk of heart disease.

A List of Lowering Cholesterol Foods

In being watchful about what you eat, one has to know which are the cholesterol lowing foods, and eliminate the rest from their daily diet.

Your next obvious question would be: Which are the foods that one must eat to keep their cholesterol level low?

So, here is a list of foods that are good for lowering cholesterol:

1. Soups
2. Meats such as veal, beef and lamb,
3. Fish
4. Poultry and egg whites
5. Non-fat or skim milk
6. Cottage cheese
7. Vegetables & fruits
8. Salads and salad dressing
9. Cereal
10. egg white eggnogs
11. non-fat milk cocoa
12. white and whole wheat bread and
13. Beverages such as tea, coffee and its substitutes
However, if your doctor has told you to watch out for your cholesterol levels, there here are some foods that will cut these levels substantially:
1. apples
2. walnuts
3. beans
4. brown rice
5. cinnamon
6. garlic
7. grapes
8. oats
9. salmon
10. soy
In Closing
And while you can do something about reducing your cholesterol levels while it's manageable, pushing your luck in this area is just not advisable (it's advice that I should use sometimes too!) as there is no turning back from a "heart attack"…

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