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lower stomach pain that has spread to my testicles.

Posted by dixieboy

The pain is mostly dull but very aggravating.  The pain is intermittend, as in the pain comes and goes through out the day.  This has been going on for a few weeks now and I am very concernd as I dont have medical insurance at this time. I do take b12 tablets and a multivitamin as well as chewable vitamin C pills. I drink plenty of fluids 75% water, usualy 1/2 gal. to gal. a day.  The testicle pain does seem to be heavily connected to my stomach as I notice that when my stomach gets gasey this is usualy when the genital pain starts.  I have been irregular lately going too much one day and not enough the next.  I have not seen any blood or clouding in my urine.  The genital pain is the most severe and painful, the lower stomach pain is very light compared to my genitals.  I hope I have left enough details and I hope you can answer me.  Thank you so much!.
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