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Lower Right Abdominal Pain

Posted by gladtoexist


* 28yo, Female, one child (5yo)

* Diagnosed grade 1 dysplasia in 1998 & 2009 (but I was told by the MD that this is asymptomatic...that this low grade would not cause any pain or other symptoms)

* Extreme Sharp, shooting pains in lower, front, right side (on going off and on now for several months)

* Painful intercourse

* Extreme Fatigue, espec. after meals

* Frequent bad Headaches

* Irritability/mood swings

* Loss of appitite

* Weight Gain...~15lbs in 6 months (no changes in diet or exercise)

* Regular Normal Cycle, no increase of pain with on set of cycle

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My apologies...I meant to post this in womens healt...please disregard...
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