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lower left side rib pain

Posted by Rickey AB

I started having severe pain on my left lower rib a couple of days ago, now the pain is worse and seems to have moved up to three ribs,,,haven't hurt my ribs and this is severe when I inhale a large breathe,,,,what can it be,,,,needed advise,,Rickey AB,,very sensitive to the touch,,,


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I would definitely suggest seeing a chiropractor regarding your lower back pain. Did you lift anything really heavy or awkward the day of the the day before you started experiencing your rib pain? It is possible that your pain my be caused by a rib being out of alignment. I have severe upper left shoulder/rib pain and when I went to see my chiropractor he told me my rib was misaligned. A chiropractor, if you do not already have one, can tell you exactly what is going on so I highly recommend you see one as soon as possible. Rib misalignment does not heal on its own and can only be fixed through chiropractic services. Good Luck!
I second Jillian's answer. The first time I experienced a rib moving out of place, the pain started out like a new brise from a punch. The next day I could barely breathe or get out of bed. I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with adult onset asthma, prescribed a rescue inhaler and put on the purple disc stuff. Of course it didn't help. When I went to my chiropracter for an existing back problem, he told me a rib was out, pushed it back into alignmnet, and all of my symptoms went away. To avoid being unecessarily drugged, see a chiropractor first. If you do not get immediate relief, see a medical doctor. An adjustment cannot hurt you but taking meds for nonexistent ailments can.
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