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Low Vitamin D Symptoms

Posted Dec 21 2010 8:25am

I can't imagine what one could do without sunlight. Honestly. There are things that we, as humans, can take for granted, and trust me, this isn't one of them. We just can't afford to do without the Sun. Without the energy that it gives us, human life wouldn't be able to function in the way that we normally do on a daily basis.

My mind goes back to this beautiful movie which starred John Hartnett who played the role of a county sheriff in a small Alaskan town which is overrun by vampires, and how they wait for sunlight after "30 days of night". But apart from this not-so-fictional event that does take place in that part of the world, one wonders how we would survive if we aren't living there.

Yes, when the sun goes down for good… and never comes up!

One of the things that will culminate from all of this (apart from the impending darkness and so on and so forth), is the fact that humans will have to deal with the effects of the lack of vitamin d.

Vitamin D

Also known as claciferol, the good thing about the source of this vitamin is the fact that it is not only found in the rays of the sun but also in food sources such as vegetables, milk and egg yolk among several others. And while it does not directly benefit the body, it has several uses in its metabolized form (calcitriol).

Most notably being increasing the phosphorus and calcium levels in the body, which finally results in strong teeth and bones that can prevent so many diseases much later in life.

And since, vitamin D in certain quantities, are useful for the body… both extremes are potentially dangerous for people regardless of whether this means a vitamin d overdose or no vitamin d consumption at all.

But for now, let's look at the symptoms of the lack of Vitamin D in the body.

Lack of Vitamin D – Symptoms

Now there are several reasons why one might have to deal with a lack of Vitamin D, which might stem from the lack of Vitamin D in one's diet or even the body's inability to absorb this vitamin properly. And this lack of vitamin D is manifested in the body through the following symptoms that must be treated immediately:

Symptom #1: In its mildest forms, vitamin D deficiency can be depicted in the following ways: burning sensation in the throat and mouth, insomnia, diarrhea, appetite, weight loss and vision problems.

Symptom #2: In its severest form, this results in weaker bones that can culminate into multiple fractures that wouldn't happen normally, fatigue, depression, muscle pain, low immunity and which will lead later to osteomalacia in children and rickets in the elderly.

Symptom #3: With the fact that low Vitamin D impacts the immune system significantly, this will result in one being susceptible to several diseases.

Symptom #4: And since the lack of Vitamin D achieves the opposite effect that a healthy dose of Vitamin D can do, which means periodontal disease and musculoskeletal pain in the form of a deep throbbing in the limbs.

In Closing

So just soak up the sun, you know! Nothing can be better…

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