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Livestrong.Com St Patty’s Day Alternatives

Posted Mar 14 2009 3:39pm

pasfoodpix016724-traditional-irish-feast For people that want to watch their weight and diet regularly, holidays can be a nightmare. For some strange reason we are expected to celebrate holidays with all the “Fixing”. Thanksgiving revolves around a huge dinner that leaves you feeling tired and bloated. Christmas often brings sweets as do Halloween, Easter, and Valentines day. St. Patricks day is similar to Thanksgiving as there are traditional foods that are prepared. I love a good corned beef brisket with cabbage and potatoes, but that’s a load of calories. Soda bread is delicious, but it’s also loaded with calories.

Granted, it’s only one day of celebration and we are all entitled to violate our strict dieting rules every now and then. offers healthy and tasty alternatives to the typical calorie-filled St. Patrick’s Day food and drinks

  • Instead of: Heavy Lagers & Micro Beers – 330 cal; have an Anchor Porter or Pale Ales — 95 calories
  • Instead of: Irish Coffee — 210 cal 9 fat ;  have an Irish Whisky Cocktail  — 180 cal 1 fat
  • Instead of: Irish Potato Casserole — 258 cal 21 fat; have this: Baked Potato with Low fat Cheese — 184 cal  2 fat
  • Instead of: Apple Pudding — 384 cal 16 fat; have this: Baked Unsweetened Apple sprinkled with Splenda and cinnamon – 127 cal .5 fat
  • Instead of: Irish Stew  — 609 cal  35 fat; have this: Chicken Vegetable Stew — 285 cal  17 fat
  • Instead of: Shepherd’s Pie  — 452 cal 17 fat; have this: Low Fat Chicken Pot Pie –  409 cal  11 fat
  • Instead of: Irish Soda Bread — 192 cal 5 fat; have this: Whole Grain Roll with Honey (1 packet) — 143 cal  1 fat
  • Instead of:Corned Beef and Cabbage — 740 cal 42 fat; have this: Turkey and Cabbage Casserole  — 396 cal  10 fat

(Thanks for the tips Bonnie) Visit for more great information about making healthy changes to your life.

Image: Newscom

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