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List of Boating Water Sports

Posted Jul 27 2010 5:47am


Watching folks fall while water skiing might be fun when you're sitting in front of the television set and watching America's funniest water videos, but getting out in the sun and daring yourself to travel at such high speeds is something else.

Look at this video, which is only slightly relevant to travelling at a high speed and water, but it is a treat to watch: Water Slide – Video

To most folks that I did see it with, it was jaw-dropping… amazing, just amazing! What a rush, man!

Water sports can do that for you, while also keeping you in shape with, of course, the danger of making it into a bloopers video now and then. Hey, what the hell, your fifteen minutes of fame… right?

Water Sport Types

The classification for one to understand water sports is very simple. The three common types (not unless these freaks hooked to making bloopers videos come up with something else!) are the ones in the water, on the water and under water.

The most common sports that you would see in the 'in the water' type are swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and diving off springboards. Yes, these are sports that are a part of the Olympics as well as popular competition.

Some of the activities and sports under water include scuba and free diving, underwater hockey and rugby and rather singularly, underwater photography.

Amongst the three, the sports on the water outnumber the other two groups, and some of the most popular ones include canoeing, surfing, waterskiing, parasailing, fishing and the mother of all water sports, white water rafting.

Picking a water sport for fitness

Depending on your level of fitness and if you want to have fun while you are at it, one can pick any of these sports of which, the first type requires a lot of practice (as almost everyone of those sports listed are competitive in nature!).

Not only does perfecting these sports take years and years of practice but it requires dedication and focus to such as extent that achieving fitness using these sports is not just a goal but a serious requirement.

When it comes to the second type, these are the easiest of the lot but since you need to be under water, you need to know how to swim. If you don't, then it would be better to learn how to, and then try this list of sports.

Actually speaking of swimming (read: in the water sports), if one learns how to swim as well as a fish, that itself can help you achieve fitness to a large extent as the average number of calories burnt per hour is around 600.

It's the last list of sports that can be real fun where even beginners can try them, and the calories burned are sometimes far more than conventional exercises that one might use to workout with.

In Closing

Almost all the sports listed here, if used as exercise for an hour, can burn at least 300 to 600 calories while the vigorous effort of bodybuilding will help you lose about 200-4oo calories.

Trying water sports is not a bad idea at all, if you want to lose weight quickly, however, it is a good idea to stay from acts of daring as shown in the video above.

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