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Les Mills Pump Beachbody Workout – A New Workout With A Long History

Posted Jan 22 2012 10:08am

New in home workouts come out all the time. Today it’s the latest and greatest thing and tomorrow it’s another, but from time to time a workout with truly great potential is born. Les Mills Pump by maker Beachbody may just be such an in home workout program. Although just a few weeks old, this highly sought after workout routine is no newbie in both its technique and fan base.

Over the past 15 years or so Les Mills international has made BodyPump become almost a household name. Ask almost anyone who frequents a gym if they’ve heard of it and a resounding YES is sure to come your way. True, today there are many variations of the BodyPump workout. This is especially true due to the fact the company split into two after an internal power struggle and Body Training Systems or BTS was formed, but nevertheless the BodyPump mantra is alive and well.

This almost cult following is largely fueled by literally millions of people in over 80 countries. The BodyPump name is a well recognized brand that seems to keep growing. This recognized brand would be a perfect fit for an in home workout catered to people that do not particularly enjoy visiting the gym. This otherwise untapped market to Les Mills would now become wide open terrain for Body Pump. With this in mind Beachbody jumped at the opportunity to produce and distribute this program which is a definite one of a kind in the in home fitness market.

Les Mills Body Pump – A Long History Of Results

Why Les Mills Body Pump has been so successful is because of the results of those who take the class regularly. The constant changing of tempo and cardio exercises creates an extremely high calorie burn that helps the exerciser not just lose weight, but get defined and toned. This style of exercise is especially appealing to women who have a hard doing cardio, but realize they need it to maintain a healthy lifestyle and set a new level of fitness.

The new in home workout by Beachbody called Les Mills PUMP uses the same principals taught in class to achieve similar if not better results. The combination of low level barbell weight and extremely high rep exercises causes what’s been dubbed the “Rep Effect.” This effect is how someone can use weights to lose weight and get tone without the possibility of bulking up, which is especially appealing to the female audience.

What’s nice about this program is that although technically it is brand new, the historical results of the science behind the workout it’s based from is decades old. This history is what makes Les Mills Pump by Beachbody a program that is sure to stand the test of time, and be a program that truly helps people get in the best shape of their lives.

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