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left testical twisted

Posted by john f.

I know for a fact that I twisted my left testicle. I twisted it myself.

I am apparently not the type to develop an acute "torsion" event so it hasn't tuned blue and died.
They have simply dropped further out of my body.

It is obviously twisted, for my scrotum hangs different now. I am very clever and able to see simple pattern clearly.

I am very uncomfortable; this includes changes to my posture and walking and I can't sit down comfortably.

I have a kind of pain all the time in them and on the outer side by the groin where they hang.

My whole uro genital area has "pathologized" including diminished libido (meaning arousal occurs and then declines immediately); flaccid penis has shrunk. Both testes feel twisted now (the left one feels rotated 360 and the right 180): the outer scrotum by the groin of both testes hurts. (This doesn't even address the sizable self esteem issue.)

I need to understand how to fix this. Which way did [they] rotate? And how to undo?

Ultra sound is no good for it only measure pulse sounds. My pulse is NATURALLY better than everybody else... So it's like Jesse Owens being told there is nothing wrong with him since he still runs faster than everyone else. (BULLSHIT!)

_How do I discern my proper testicle positions in absolute terms?_

_I am not susceptible to Dr BS_. I don't need appeasement ("golly..." "we're all the same in the end"; "they're all different"); I need solution.


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How about going to see a urologist? I know if I had testes, and one of them felt twisted and uncomfortable--I sure don't think I would be trying to fix them from home. The boys deserve better treatment than that!
Because drs are Jackassess. One doesn't just go to a dr if one is a six foot tall otherwise healthy male and expect solution. I have been to drs too much in my life and obeserved to much "incompetence" to believe otherwise.

I have already been to a Dr for this. He prescribed an ultrasound which measures nothing relevant.

(I didn't calibrate the ultra sound machine when I was healthy. So how does it know if I'm not now by measuring some blood flow and etc readings? It is like Jesse Owens running on tred mill calibrated by the mode average masses to prove he hurt his ankle. ...Dr says: "Jesse you run a 6minute mile: you're perfect!" Problem is Jesse runs a less than 5 minute mile when healthy for Jessy!)

As said, drs are Jackassess. It is a million dollar per year each _racket_ pretending it's a science. Picture going to a dumb mechanic who makes 55 grand a year and having him tell you nothing is wrong with your car after you tell him the "noises" and then he takes the money anyway. Unheard of. (The mechanic will lie about the cost yes! (Over charge you and over diagnose the problem.) But he will know what is wrong and not get paid until he fixes it. 15 thousand working parts in a car.)

Drs make a million dollars a year: they should be able to solve something like this (twisted nut) in 5 minutes. What is going on in the medical community with the amount of incompetence?!

I know the tone of this is harsh. BUT! that is just it.: I want drs to see the above and get scared. We're on to the racket...

Good luck with that, I'm sure since you are smarter than the trained physicians you will find a way to re arrange your testicles. After all, you seem pretty good at self diagnosis and already know how they're hanging.

Til then, we can call you celibateman, right?

>Til then, we can call you celibateman, right?

(snide callous bitch)

I'm a celibate because of penis and testical damage _EVEN IF I GO TO_ drs! Drs are incompent jackasses. I go to them and tell them I am damaged in some way and they say "no you're not" and then they contradict themselves later and say something like "well it doesn't matter any way."

Drs have no intention of helping otherwise healthy 6 foot tall white males get undamaged. It is like an american indian warrior going to a cavalry dr to gets his bow arm healed. (And there is that jessy owens thing above: drs aren't trained to help/ or see problems with those that are naturally better than everyone else.)

The reason more people don't know what I'm saying here is simply becaues they _got lucky_ (at life) and haven't been damaged and therefore haven't gone to drs and experienced what I'm getting at here. Any man who has gone to a dr knows that drs often don't do anything for you --it is a wasted trip.

Now that I'm old enough _and out of a bad situation (which was hamstringing me)_, I'm going to get to the bottom of this(genital damage situation) even if it means winding up going on a 3 state killing spree and commiting suicide by cop.

...And I'm going to start with drs. Incompetant jackasses.



Again just like above post disclaimer, I post this (arrogant and now threatening) screed so that drs of the world _and people_ will know that there is a serious problem here with drs.And some of the masses are getting wise to it.



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