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Left side pains

Posted by Tim A.

I have had left side pain for about a year, just started going to doc 4 months ago and not happy with them at all, typical of our local clinic i have heard.

I am over the road truck driver and the bouncing really irritates it.

Went in to clinic in November and said chest pains, feels like under ribs, like something torn, etc.  When sitting at home or walking doesnt bother me but as soon as driving upright and bouncing it comes on.

They immedietely put me on heart monitor, everything sounded good, tested thiroid and now on medicin for that and hi blood pressure.

Went back inJanuary when got back off road and really only concerned with thyroid not paind?

February, i complained of these pains have got to be figured out, they make my arm hurt now underneath and constant pain on side of rib cage under breast.  Doc had me put my arm behind back and i cannot move it, so he called for physical therapy?  dont know whats wrong so did not do therapy, now he says mri on shoulder to find out why no movement and asked about chest pains and he says ct scan,  not sure what to think, but do acknowledge chest side rib pain and i have no movement in arm when behind back

have no strenghth, energy and it seems like blood flow, is bad as i get numb easy in arms and legs and cuts, etc take forever to heal?  cannot sleep also, dif problem probably and actually can sleep 24/7 allways tired severely but sleep is not good as waking constantly

not sure what test to start with for side and arm but am definetely changing clinics

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