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LeBron James Is Going to Miami

Posted Jul 09 2010 4:30am


The internet probably exploded when he made the decision, so you won’t be finding any analysis or insight here, but Miami will be a force to be reckoned with for the next decade or so, it would appear.  In NBA history, no team has performed a bigger miracle than the Heat did by taking down the three biggest free agents in the best free agent class.  Good for them.

As for LeBron’s hour long press conference, it seems to be a real slap in the face to his Cleveland die-hards.  Call an hour-long press conference to announce you’re doing something difficult, not to announce you’re leaving a broken and miserable team (and city) to go to a high-profile team that’s now brimming with star power.  However, all ad sales from the hour-long program did go to the Boys and Girls Club, so I’ll stop bitching and give him props for that.

In related news, stay tuned for my press conference where I will announce that I’m not giving any money to Darfur and am spending a month in Vegas.  All advertising proceeds will go to needy strippers.

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