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Just A Guy Thing Reviews the Lincoln MKS

Posted May 21 2009 11:26pm


Ford recently provided the opportunity to test drive the new Lincoln MKS, so I took it for a spin down HIghway 1 in California. You’ll find a full video review below (Just A Guy Thing’s first original production!), but here are the highlights.

I’m usually partial to German-engineered cars, but the MKS stands up nicely to its Euro counterparts. Detroit needs to make more if this type of car: solid, stylish, great performance, and top-of-the-line electronics.

The vibe of the MKS is aggressive, but not over the top. The model I drove had optional 18 inch wheels, which looked great. This is a car you can impress your buddies with but still take your lady out for a comfortable ride.

The main downsides I found were a small rear view window and a high dashboard which sometimes made visibility difficult. Gas mileage could definitely be better: 16 city/23 highway. This isn’t a huge car, so Lincoln should have been able to squeeze more gas out of the MKS. It’s also not cheap: the model I drove with all the options runs about $45,000, although I will say you’re getting good value for the money.

On the plus side, the car looks great. The Mrs. and I got plenty of looks tooling around town. The performance is zippy. While a bit slow off the mark, once you hit about 20 mph the acceleration kicks in nicely. The MKS handled the curves of Highway 1 like a champ - it never felt like it was slipping.

The electronics of the car deserve special mention. It’s got all the GPS niceties you could want, but what really makes the console stand out is Microsoft Sync technology. In essence, you can completely synch up your cell phone, iPod, CDs, etc. so they all run seamlessly via the car’s electronics. The MKS also has a hard drive, so you can load up all your music and never have to fumble with another CD again.

For a closer look at the MKS, check out our video:

Just A Guy Thing Reviews the Lincoln MKS

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