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Jude Law Asking for Paternity Test

Posted Aug 07 2009 9:50am

Actor Jude Law, who had a fling with aspiring Florida actress Samantha Burke, is now expecting to be a father for the fourth time. Ms Burke, who is due within a couple of months has said that Law is the baby’s father.

Jude Law While Law isn’t denying that he could be the father, he wants DNA testing to be sure before he takes on the commitment.

What does DNA testing involve?

Your DNA is your chemical code or a strand of building blocks, you could say. Your DNA is what gives you your eye color, you hair type, even how thin or thick your bones are. No two people have the same DNA, but relatives have similarities that can be identified through DNA analysis.

Paternity testing

DNA testing to see to rule out or to confirm fatherhood is usually called paternity testing. Most commonly (and more safely), it’s done after the baby is born using blood samples, a swab from inside the baby’s cheek, samples from the umbilical cord, or some other type of body tissue.

If it’s vital that paternity testing be done before the baby is born, it can be done through amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling. These are invasive (using needles) tests to withdraw some amniotic fluid or tissue for testing. Usually, this type of testing can’t be done in the first trimester.

So, will Jude Law end up being a dad again?



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Jude Law Asking for Paternity Test

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