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jaw muscle tightness

Posted by KSchneider

I recently had a filling replaced on my left jaw.  The medication to numb that side caused me to bite the inside of that cheek.  Afterwards, I experienced some tightness when chewing and dd some exerises to keep the jaw loosened up.  I think I might have torn or stretched it too much.  Right now I can only open my mouth with about a half inch opening.  As the muscle heals, will I be able to open it further and what kind of time frame for complete healing am I looking at?  Do I need to keep moving my jaw a bit to keep it from freezing shut?  I've already been dealing with this for two weeks.  Would a swelled up cheek cause the muscles to be tighter?  My swelling gradually going down and I only notice the tightness when chewing.  The cheek was bruised also, but is fading out.
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