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itchy, burning, raw feeling foreskin and rim of the penis head? Candidiasis?

Posted by poul

I recently had sex with my partner, a few days later she stated she had a yeast infection / bacterial infection. The same morning she told me... I had itchy, burning sensations on my foreskin. I researched and thought I obtained her infection. Now 3 days later, just under the tip of penis where foreskin meets tip, skin flaking is noticed. The foreskin is reddened. The rim of the head feels raw, tender and painful to the touch. Still itching and burning. My research said to use anti-fungal cream, which I have been using...Clotrimazole. it doesn't seem to be helping, actually seems to be worsening. Does this seem like Penile Candidiasis? Am I on the right track? Is this the best OTC treatment?
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i have the same feeling aswell, i had sex with my partner one night and we were not able to finish because she said she felt a hot burning sensation in her vigina, we used a cheap ky jelly lube that night and it might have been the problem, she washed up and by almost the second night she said she was fine as for me the tip of my penish felt raw and was reddish, i am uncircumcised and it hurt to pull back on the foreskin,and i also had a itchy sensation...either way i researched some and i came upon "Jock itch" its been almsot 3 full days and i still have some of the syptoms, and i need a remedy..i have just been super hygenic about it washed whenever i have  chance..just need help
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