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Is Your Microwave Oven Killing You?

Posted Mar 05 2009 5:15am

MBR It might be, slowly. I remember watching an episode of Malcolm In The Middle and the father, Hal, was in the backyard with the microwave oven and he said to one of the kids; “Look, Dewey. I got the microwave to work without closing the door”. While it was funny, it’s also sad that some people have surely tried that, and it’s not good.

I’ve often wondered about just how safe microwave ovens are. Obviously if you have a pace-maker there are risks. If you think about it, you place food in to this box that reheats it using radiation. How safe can that really be? Here are a few points that were brought up on this subject over at

  • “using the microwave to cook vegetables you were losing up to 98% of the veggies nutrients (especially if you had any water in with them ).”
  • “It was also found that re-heating meat such as steak or hamburgers that the microwave actually destroyed all the animal protein”
  • “Microwaves use radiation to re-heat the food and an astonishing amount of microwaves have been know to leak and expose people to EMF’s ( electromagnetic fields ).”

If that isn’t enough to make you think the next time you go to “nuke” something, read the rest of the article at Men’s Garage.

With every convenience there is always a risk, right?

Image: Newscom

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