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is it safe to use methadone and marijuana ?

Posted by speedy

tetrapalegic /parapeligic diagnosed w/ severe chronic pain, crushed t-4 spine''removed '' fractured c-4 ,and all ribs broke in MVA.PRESCIBED METHADONE and OXYCODONE I.R. For pain control
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Look, Im not an M.D. but I've done quite a bit of drug expierementation and know a bit about physiology and pharmacology and what I can tell you is that narcotic analgesics(opioid agonists)(Dilaudid,levorphanol,oxicontin) (methadone, hydrocodone, Morphine) and even opioid agonist/antagonists mixes (nubain, pentozocine, butorphanol) will not interact negatively or dangerously with marijuana.  Narcotic analgesics however are dangerous when used in excess or mixed with one another carelessly and excessively.  Marijuana has a hallucagenic effect though so be mindful of how much you smoke and the environment/people you surround yourself with.  Doctors will always say that mixing anything with weed is dangerous; that's to try and deter people from using it among other political/ideological reasons.  The worst experience ive had mixing Opiates and pot have been the embarassment of falling asleep while eating a bowl of peanut butter crunch at my girlfriends mothers house naked on the couch and waking up to a perplexed slightly irritated mumsy eyeballing my 9.5 inch genitalia which happened to be covered with crusted cereal which the chiwawa eagerly licked clean.  But once i showed her the dank weed i had smoked the night before and explained that I had also taken 20 milligrams of methadone and a 2 mg. alprazolam bar she laughed and all was well provided i share some of my drugs and cock with her.

 Sincerely An educated person who wants others to be safe, responsible and to have as much fun with drugs as i do

Obviously it made you hallucinate wishfully about the size of your trouser worm. You are an extremely unfunny, immature moron. I hope you and your tiny dong O.D. and die. Have good night Penisaurous Rex!
I really needed a good laugh, I just lost my grandmother.and have been feeling a little down. LOL. Thank you so much for the answer i needed and My husband is well hung and smokes weed and his is not a hallucination and i'm sure ur being honest with a story like that. LOL. Some people just dont have a sense of humor. LOL. Thanks again.
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