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is it possible to grow new hair on bald head naturally instead of hair transplantation

Posted by kargan

is it possible to grow new hair on bald head naturally  instead of hair transplantation
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Medical research has come a long way in recent years for hair regrowth, there are all types of products available today that can regrow your own hair vs getting hair transplants or a wig. And the products today work a lot better than they used to, so just about everyone will get some hair regrowth, but how much depends on the person.

Some Hair Loss regrowth treatments for men will only work within a certain time frame of acutual hair loss, such as 10 years, and if it's been longer than that since you start going bald or thinning then they will not work for you. So it's best to do something about your hair regrowth sooner then later.

It is possible to regrowth with 4-5 year of hair loss, to start treatment till now?? 
yes it is posible try product of herbals i tried
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