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Is it normal for my son's hands to stop growing? (Hands have not grown since seventh grade, he is 15 now)

Posted by Adam Munoz

Hello Doctor, my name is Adam and my son keeps worrying about his hand growth. My son is fifteen and has small hands, they have not grown at all since the seventh grade(or maybe even before that), and his fingers (including thumb) have no fat on them what so ever. Even his sister (who is in seventh grade) has the same size hands as he does. He also mentions that he has no sweat glands (never sweats from his hands) so I do not know if this could link to it. He may also have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because it hurts for him to write for a period of time. His wrist sometimes hurts as well, and he can pop it very easily just by moving it to the side. Is it normal for his hands to stop growing for a period of time? If not, what can we do to fix it?
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