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Infant Eating – Tips for Parents to Consider

Posted Mar 11 2013 8:04am

Considering the events surrounding the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, the subject of first-person shooter video games have come up again.

Violent video games, if you will. Almost every shooting in a school stems from these games, and a child's inability to differentiate between reality and a world of fantasy.

It brings us to a crossroads where one wonders whether it's time to put restrictions on guns or on violent video games.

Whose fault is it really?

It's a complex and difficult answer, to say the least, and one that America has to really ask itself, considering the deaths of innocent children every other year.
Well, for me, the obvious answer would be to take away the damn guns (common sense!) but I do sense that it's a cultural thing – why it's so important for Americans to own a gun.

And as bizarre as this might seem to people who haven't lived in the country, at least, we can all agree on what is good and what isn't, pertaining to matters of infant eating .

A Note on Healthy Eating

So, what must one do in order to eat healthy?

It's probably the biggest question that the world of health and fitness has yet to answer considering the number of diets that are in place.

To be honest, healthy eating is really a habit with the occasional indulgence. But then if one must ask whether the "length" or "depth" of life is more important, you'll find that being too obsessed with healthy eating is not only impractical but a bit annoying to those who'd like to have a good time ever so often.

Personally speaking, healthy eating is really all about the small (if not simple) things – what, when and how much you eat. Healthy eating is also a habit that you cultivate right from the time you are a child.

And if there's anyone who is concerned about their child's health, it's every mom on this planet, depicted by the love and joy that they put into treating their children to the healthiest foods possible.

Listen, by all means, to (moms, girlfriends, wives etc) advice and you'll be the better for it… but not to the point where you turn into a house cat.

Infant Eating – Tips for Parents to Consider

So, the next question might be: What should I do to ensure that my child eats only healthy food?

So, here are some tips for parents to consider when it comes to infant eating :

#1: Eat as a Family

Probably the best way to ensure that your children eat the healthiest food is by making sure that they all eat at the table together. Whether it's breakfast or dinner, just make sure the food that you prepare is sufficient enough to get them through the day. Keep in mind that schools aren't necessarily equipped to think about their nutritional needs…

#2: Make their food fun

Being creative in presentation and in taste with the food that you feed your children takes a lot of effort but it's one of the best ways to get them to choose healthier options. Make their food fun and they're bound to eat what you offer them. Here are some creative ideas that will get even the pickiest kid eating out of your hands, quite literally.

#3: Buy healthy snacks

Kids love the more-than-occasional treat whether it's chocolate,chips and cookies and so on and so forth but here's a thought: What if you buy healthy snacks when you get to the supermarket?

That way even if they are prone to raid the refrigerator or the cupboard, all they will find is the healthy snacks that you've bought. Snacks like whole grain, veggie and fruit-based snacks…

#4: Avoid eating out all the time

Not only is cooking at home better but it works out to be cheaper even if it does take some work. Period. And you can put some family time in that can be an excellent habit.

#5: Don't force them

If adults don't like things forced down their throat, the same applies to children as well. Worst still, don't bribe them to clear their plate but instead offer them healthy options to pick from.

In Closing

Have we missed out any other tips on infant eating? If so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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