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Indiana Army National Guard Troops Exposed To Toxins In Southern Iraq. Kellogg, Brown & Root Possibly Knew Of Toxins And Dangers

Posted Jan 08 2009 4:35pm

Indiana National Guard Soldiers were deployed to Iraq in 2003 at the beginning of the war. Some were assigned to protect Kellogg, Brown and Root, also known as KBR at a water treatment plant in southern Iraq. Some of these soldiers developed tumors, rashes and a rare form of lung cancer. At least one soldier has died from the lung cancer already and many more were exposed to Hexavalant Chromium dust that is said to have been all over the facility.



Hexavalent Chromium is a toxic heavy metal that was the center-point for lawsuits involved in the movie Erin Brochovich (real name) which was based on a true story. I wrote an article on Hexavalent Chromium awhile back and on other toxic heavy metals. I’m not sure exactly what the Chromium was doing in the water treatment plant, but troops were exposed to the toxin, unaware of the dangers. Kellogg, Brown And Root is said to have known it was there and known of the dangers of exposure. The troops were not told that the facility was contaminated until August of 2003, after 4 months of exposure. KBR says they notified the United States Army as soon as they identified the substance, however; troops exposed did not learn of the dangers of the exposure until almost 5 years later.

Now in my personal opinion the Army is not going to admit it if they knew of the toxin and KBR, a billion dollar organization is not going to admit they knowingly let the troops be exposed to the chemical. At least 60% of the troops assigned at the water plant have shown some symptoms of exposure. CBS investigated and found evidence that KBR knew of the risk as early as May of 2003. KBR is also said to have provided the troops with contaminated water.

Below is a link to an online petition asking KBR to “come clean” about the contamination. What exactly will this solve and what can be done to help the troops besides further medical attention? I honestly don’t know. It’s kind of like a smaller version of the Agent Orange issue after Viet Nam. It’s going to take lives and create hardships on many families even after things have been resolved…if they get resolved.

Please take 2 minutes to click on this link and to place your name on the petition. You don’t have to be a military veteran of any kind. As I have said before, you don’t have to support the war to sup[port our troops. Thank you.

  Sign The Online Petition for KBR to come clean

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