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Index Finger Cancer – Out Comes the Middle Finger…

Posted Feb 20 2012 8:35am

Recently a friend of mine caught one of his students surfing porn. That's when the "I'm in charge" pep talk began, and it felt like being a kid all over again with all this chastity talk that no one really gives a damn about.

I mean, most people have surfed porn. Haven't we? But we don't like to admit it… because it's considered taboo in society. At least where I live. We all have our fetishes, and that's really OK.

Sasha Grey , a pornstar, was not allowed near a child recently for her efforts in previous years to make these very group of kids happy.

What did they think she was going to do? I mean, where's the connection – and why should her desire to cozy up with a child be a bad thing?

In fact, if you ask me, there's no connection at all. Porn used to be her job, and now it isn't. She's normal again.

If it was me, out comes the middle finger…

Index Finger Cancer Connection – Someone missed the point, entirely

Speaking of fingers and connections that are just plain weird (in Sasha's case, of course), scientists from the Institute of Cancer Research and the University of Warwick have come up with this theory that those with index finger s that are shorter than their ring fingers have a greater risk of getting prostate cancer .

How about that? And they missed the most important evidence – right under their nose. Yes, we're talking about the infamous middle finger, of course. If we have to discuss the degree of risk, it was one-third lower for those with a longer index finger.

Almost anyone will tell you that this sounds absurd at first but since the length of one's fingers are determined at birth due to hormonal influences, the length of one's fingers can be an indicator of prostate cancer risk in one's life.

If you have been exposed to less testosterone at birth, your chances of getting prostate cancer are little to none as opposed to those who have.

This report , which was published in the British Journal of Cancer, drew its analysis upon on comparing the hands of 1500 prostate cancer patients with those of healthy men.

This is scary stuff, you might think.

(Yes, I checked the length of my ring and index finger – and found to my horror that they are equal in size. So what should I do now?)

Nothing, really. That's not the only factor involved and there's no need for mass panic.

It would be silly of people to imagine that they're in for prostate cancer (thanks to this study) because it's only one of the factors that comes into play.

While this might seem exciting and all to these bespectacled folk, the truth is that scientists still know very little about the risk factors involved with prostate cancer since very little is done for those who contract later in their lives.

And for all you know, there might be nothing to this discovery at all – honestly, who cares about dying of prostate cancer! If we have to go, we have to go…

In Closing

There's a good reason why the middle finger is the longest finger of the lot…

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