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Index Finger Cancer – An Uncanny Connection

Posted Dec 28 2010 8:43am

It's bizarre how much money has been poured into cancer that began with Ronald Regan which was estimated at $ 20 billion dollars just for a start. Strangely enough, nothing much has come of all this investment, and while there are limitations to which scientists and doctors can do (blame it on the mutating nature of cancer), some efforts have recently met with success.

Yes, we're talking about broccoli here which has been used to create a supplement that negates the risk of cancer by almost 40 to 60 percent whether it is breast or prostate cancer.

Rather remarkably, it is certain compounds found in broccoli that actually reduce the risk of cancer but a slew of other bacteria and virus-related diseases… and while research goes on, patients around the world can only hope for a cure in the months ahead… as they don't have much time to live!

And amidst all of this is another inane finding that seems to suspiciously border on fiction than fact, which provides a corelation between your index finger and prostate cancer (so this is only pertaining to men, of course).

Your Index Finger & Cancer – The Connection

As dubious as this sounds, according to a study that was recently published in the British Journal of Cancer, it was revealed that men who have index fingers that are longer than their ring fingers are less likely to get prostate cancer later on in life rather than men who have shorter ones.

And one wonders amongst all the scientific testing and reasoning that goes on in finding symptoms and a cure for any disease, could it really be this simple?

The study author known as Ros Eeles from the Institute of Cancer Research, thinks so too! According to research conducted earlier, this is a simple test that is conducted among men at the age of 60 to assess their risk of obtaining prostate cancer among other complex ones.

And there's more…

Apparently, scientists have gleaned the fact that those who have longer index fingers were exposed to a lesser amount of testosterone as a baby in their mother's womb, and after all the analysis conducted, it was found to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and what makes this even weirder: you'd be no good at sports either.

If that's not enough, a study conducted by the Teeside University, it has been found that people with longer ring fingers tend to be better athletes, and which again, is attributed to the male hormone testosterone.

But I would like to emphasize that this is not the only factor that indicates a risk of prostate cancer, and so just in case, you've panicked after finding that you have a shorter index finger… there are several other factors that are involved in increasing the risk of prostate cancer and not just prenatal testosterone.

In Closing

And while some people are finding this whole broccoli supplement as a wonderful way to reduce one's risk of cancer, what remains to be seen is how far these Brassica family of veggies will go in order to heal patients.

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