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im a black male and im circumcised. right under the head of my penis exactly on the circumcised line there is a lump. it doesnt

Posted by str8up

im a black male and im circumcised. right under the head of my penis  exactly on the circumcised line there is a lump. it doesnt hurt nor itch or what so ever... but very also a virgin and its been there as long as i can remember. its a  harmless black spot on my penis ..can i know wat that is .. and how i can cure this??
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thank you very much .. but is it removable if its like a "natural lump"

If the lump is ON the scar line:


It formed there because the scar wasn't taken care as well as it should -OR- the doctor wasn't a professional and he pulled back much tissue when he was stitching the area there when he circumcised you.

It ISN'T anything bad nor something that need any cure. But for aesthetic reasons, i suggest to go to an urologist and tell him to remove the extra tissue that formed there - I would have done the same if i had the same problem-.

the best i can offer is to see a doctor and have it examined.
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