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If You Have STD...

Posted Jan 11 2009 4:22pm

If you have reason to believe that you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or infection:

• Go to your local clinic or health center early on to find out where you can get correct treatment.

• Consult your doctor.

• Tell your doctor everything. Consultation and treatment is confidential.

• If you really have an STD, tell your partner or partners to get treatment too. Otherwise they can spread the disease or even infect you again.

• Take the full course of all your medications as prescribed. Even if you do not feel any symptoms, the infection can still be in your body.

• Take precaution during the treatment stage. Protect yourself and your partner during sex (use a condom) or better yet, abstain from sex for the duration of the treatment.

• Do not take medicines prescribed for another disease or a previous STD. It will not help cure the new infection.

• Do not share medicines with your partner or others. You need all your medicine to cure your infection.

• Be sure to go back to the doctor for a follow-up consultation. After finishing the full course of medication, your doctor will know if the medication has actually taken effect.

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