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I worked out yesterday, and now i have a sore muscle by my groin and now a white clear liquid filled blister form at the top lef

Posted by anthony8488

I've been working out for the last few years on and off, and this is the third time this has happened, But when i get back into the heavier sets i do, im not sure if its from straining or what, but i get a sore muscle on the right side of my groin, feels over the artery right there cause when i put pressure can feel my heart beat. and then this really annoying swollen blister type thing starts on my LEFT upper side at the base of my groin,  its looks red around the base of the blister with white bubbles filled with clear liquid. When i got them before i just try to let it air out as much as i can, if any of the bubbles pop or leak i always compress it with a paper towel to absorb the liquid and wash daily like always. After a few days it seems to dry up and go away. The muscle soreness fades about the same time as the blister, but the 2 always happen together, 
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