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I’ve Got A Stye In My Eye And I Think I’m Going To Cry!

Posted Oct 21 2008 9:58am

left eye Ever heard that before? If not, I’m sure sometime in your life you’ve got a stye in your eye. Whether it made you cry or not is your business. I have had them before but this one seemed to bother me more than any previous stye’s have before because it’s lasted a few days and got worse. It’s not bad enough to make me cry, but my eye was right stye eye a bit watery this morning. I have not made an attempt to treat it as I should but it’s feeling a bit better after trying the typical treatment this morning. The first shot is my left eye, which is not effected and the second shot is my right eye, which you can obviously see is effected. Pretty ugly, eh? Good thing I didn’t show my entire face. You’d be cringing in fear. In the great words of Kramer, “Don’t look at me, I’m hideous!”

So some may be asking “ What is a stye and how do I treat it? “. I’ve done a little research in to it. Here’s what I found

The causes:

Some people say it’s from not washing your hands after you use the bathroom and touching your eye. This could hold some truth and the reason is quite obvious from some of the following.

A stye develops from an eyelash follicle or an eyelid oil gland that becomes clogged from excess oil, debris or bacteria. Styes seem to be brought on by increased stress, but can also be a complication of another condition, called blepharitis. says Troy Bedinghaus, O.D. from He also adds that although they can be unsightly (no pun intended), they are usually harmless.

Troy goes on to tell us how you can treat a stye:

    • Warm compresses:
      Gently press a very warm washcloth against the eyelid for 10 minutes at least 4 times per day.
    • Massage:
      Gently massage the entire area to speed healing.
    • Antiobiotic ointment, eye drops or pills:
      Antibiotic ointments or eye drops may help cure the infection. If the skin around it is becoming infected, antibiotic pills may be needed.

To learn more about styes, read the rest about them over at

So what could have caused my stye? Who really knows. I have been shooting a lot of pictures lately with my camera, so a dirty eye piece could have caused something to get into my eye. I really don’t know. What I do know is that a warm compress is helping it and I doubt if it will still bother me by tomorrow. In some cases a stay can lead to worse things, so if you have a stye and it lasts more than a week or is obviously progressing in to something worse that could effect your vision, get it checked by an optometrist.

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