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I just got over a real bad throat infection. Now my stomach hurts when I eat.

Posted by Joe P. Facebook

I had a sore throat for about 5 days, my fever was between 102-104 for three days. I went to the hospital and they said it was a viral infection. Now that the fever is gone and the swelling is going down some my stomach hurts when I eat anything
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Glad you're feeling better.  Since they diagnosed you with a viral infection, I hope that means that your tests came back negative for strep throat (which is a bacterial infection treated w/antibiotics) and that they didn't give you any antibiotics (which have no effect against viruses).  I say that because many antibiotics are known to upset the stomach, leading to cramps and diarrhea.  

Often times, we offer non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to patients to control their fever and get rid of pain.  Well known examples of NSAIDs are aspirin, ibuprofen & naproxen, all of which are available over the counter.  However, these are also well known for causing gastritis and peptic ulcers, leading to stomach pain and bleeding in the gut (gastrointestinal hemorrhage).  

Acetaminophen is not a NSAID but can be toxic to the liver so you still need to monitor your dosing regimen, too, especially if you drink alcohol or take any other medication that goes thru & irritates the liver (which is just about everything!).  

Best advice is to check back in w/your family physician and tell him/her what you've mentioned above.  Good luck! 

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