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I have two lumps in my abdomen

Posted by camo girl

Ok I have been having right abdomen pain for about two years It comes and it goes. It has been to the poin once that my husband forces me to go to the ER thinking it was apendicitis. They ran test and told me it was a kidney infection. I still get the pain often in the morning when I wake up. I have also had numbess in my legs when I pick my son up Every so often I just loose feeling in my legs feeling like I am going to just fall down. Last week a new symptom a lump in my lower right abdomen just bellow my belly button. It is tender to the touch. You can feel it really well when standing you have to push harder when I am laying down. I went to the doctor he tells me its scar tissue from a c-section i had two years ago. Its up higher than my incesion and today I found another one. I dont understand how two years later It could be scar tissue If any one has any suggestions please the input would be appreciated..
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Thank you but the doctors i have seen seem to have no answers and I am just a little bit freaked out by this

I have a lump too, but it's on my left side. I hate when people respond to these boards saying to go see the doctor.  DUH! You already know this!   

Sorry, just had to vent.

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