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I have pimple like spots that dry up on inner thighs, and splotchy pink spots in my groin, what could this be?

Posted by Justin Lentz

I have been experiencing itchy pimple like spots on my inner thighs and buttocks, and recently discovered pink splotchy spots in my groin area, that does not itch. I haven't been sexually active for over 3 months, and outside of itching I haven't experienced any herpes like symptoms. I have had a lot of stress lately as I am almost 30, a single father, jobless and live with my parents, oh and go to school, so yeah, stressful times. I tested negative for HIV back in September 2009, so I am curious as to what this could be. I am not ruling out Herpes as I have had unprotected sex in my past, but this has just stirred up over the past 7 weeks or so, the pimple like spots anyways, the rash in the groin I just noticed today. I shower everyday and use powder or calamine lotion at times. Any suggestions?
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i am experiencin thesame thing,only mine has been for years and it really bothers  me cause i don;t feel comfortable wearing my swim suit
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