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I have lower left abdominal pain, should I be worried?

Posted by IcarusFell

For the past four days I have a sporadic pain in my lower left abdomen.  At first I thought I might be constipated so I started taking laxatives and upped my yogurt intake.  The pain comes and goes.  It is rarely ever completely gone.  Mostly it is a slight, dull pain but it does occasionally increase to a sharp pain.  I wasn't too worried except that today the pain spread to my left testicle and was accompanied by a sharp headache, hot and cold flashes, and light sweating.  The headache as since abated, the hot and cold flashes/sweats ended about an hour ago and the pain in my left testicle is quite dull.  The pain in my lower left abdomen is still sharp though.  About a four on the ten scale.  I am a 31 year old male and I have HIV and my spleen was removed when I was 5.  I do not have insurance and do not want to spend money I do not have on a doctor I do not need.  Should I be worried?
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hay im curious did u find out what that pain was in ur abdomin ? 
ive got the same thing and its freaking my out  bad
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