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I have chills that causes headace and nausea

Posted by cmshorty2011

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Unfortunately, that's not enough detail for me to give you much help except for some vague thoughts.  My main concern whenever I hear about chills is an infection, specifically a systemic one.  In other words, a local infection has spread to the rest of the body, or at the very least, is spreading more & more.  One good but extremely worrisome example is meningitis which is an infection of the meninges or coverings of your spine & brain.  A bacterial infection here could be extremely dangerous.  Headache, neck stiffness & pain w/nausea are hallmarks of meningitis.  I suppose you could have a headache from being dehydrated from your systemic illness such that it leads to coincidental nausea, too.  Best to go see your family doc!  Good luck!
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