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i have burning in my anal

Posted by robo123

For about 3 months I have had burning in my anal. I am a guy. Went to the doctor, he said everything is fine. what causes this burning?
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There's an extensive list of things that can cause your anus to itch, not the least of which is stool due to what you eat.  Also the consistency, eg diarrhea, can certainly lead to maceration and thus irritation & inflammation.  Yeast, pinworms, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, and fissures can all cause itching.  And let's not forget contact dermatitis from new soaps, detergents, lotions, clothing, etc.  You might be able to get temporary relief w/Preparation H but if you're not better after one tube, you'd best check back in w/your family physician or get a second opinion somewhere else.  By the way, if there's any possibility you might have pinworms, go to sleep w/scotch tape directly on your anus.  In the morning, look for worms that got stuck to the adhesive.  Good luck!
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