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I have a vary large oval lump, about 5" in length in my right groin. It can get very hard at times but when I urinate it gets so

Posted by johnnyme

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Hmmm . . . gets so what?  Don't leave us in suspense!  What happens when you urinate?  Does it go away?  Perhaps you have a secondary site of urine collection?  You didn't mention pain, redness or warmth so it's less likely to be an infection.  Perhaps this is an enlarged lymph node in response to an infection nearby.  Does it become hard when you take a deep breath and bear down like when you're having a difficult bowel movement or picking up a heavy load?  If so, you might have a hernia.  I suppose this lump might be an aneurysm or arteriovenous fistula (this latter is typically manmade), especially if you can feel a vibration, hear noise, or notice a pulse in it.  How long has it been there?  Is it growing in size?  We worry about tumors which can be malignant (cancerous) or benign.  Best recommendation is to go see your family physician for a proper examination.
sorry, I meant to say it gets soft. There is no pain. Maybe a tightness, but I would think that might be because it is so large. It has been there for five or six weeks. It feels like it may connect to the tube going to  my right testicle, because when it gets real large it almost touches it. I have also noticed my right testy is not as sensitive to the touch as it used to be. Oh yes, I do have a hernia on that side. I can feel it when I cough. This is so much larger. I do have an appointment with my doctor. Unfortunately it takes a long time to get in.
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