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I have a unilateral varicocele on the right. What are the chances it's something serious?

Posted by anti_functional

The condition first appeared at the end of this past April, when I woke up and noticed the ride side of my scrotum was swollen up quite a bit. I went to the doctor and the first diagnosis was epididymitis. When it didn't clear up after ten days of antibiotics (300mg of Ofloxacin, twice daily), they sent me for an ultrasound. The result was the varicocele diagnosis. As far as I've been told, it's unilateral to the right side. I read quite a bit on the subject and found that this should usually prompt a search for any abdominal masses (i.e. tumors) that may be obstructing blood flow, but my doctor said it was common and I had nothing to worry about.

 I'm only 21, so it's not like I'm in a major risk category for cancer, but I do smoke and have a serious worry-wart about it.

 If it makes any difference, the swelling occured after about a week of binge-drinking (roughly 4 to 6 drinks a night), and developed very quickly (like, overnight quick), though I was given a blood test for pancreatitis and that came back negative. I've also had digestive issues for six or seven years, if that might have any effect on this?

 I'm kind of in the dark here, and I'd like to go for a second opinion but I'm stuck waiting until Sept. 1, when my insurance takes effect, so I guess I'd just like to know what the chances are that something serious is going on, versus I'm just overreacting to this?

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